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Coloring Pages

I have a counter on my website to track how many visitors and which visitors come to my site. It also tracks what page is visited the most...I never would have guessed that my coloring pages would be so popular! So far I only have two but hope to add more next week.

It's such a surprise!

IF - Juggle

It's really silly but all I had time to do!

Picture Writing by Anatasia Suen

I'M SO EXCITED! I received my copy of Picture Writing last month and I have finally set the time aside to begin working in the book. It takes 18 weeks to go cover to cover. I will be finishing up week #1 tomorrow. I've been writing and drawing all my life but have always had a difficult time putting the two of them together. I've learned so much in just the first week...I believe there is hope! To anyone who has read Ms. Suen's book or taken her online will understand when I say that I am a hare who is trying to learn to be a tortoise!

Website Updated...

I've added coloring pages to my website :) I need to redo the header design to reflect a few changes, though.

My daughter...who is 20 - along with her friends...are into coloring Disney Princesses. I guess I'll have to put up a few Princesses of my own.

Coloring Page Wednesday

Coloring Page Wednesday is the Happy Gecko!



Upside Down


Something New! Coloring Page Wednesday!

I wanted to try something different--and hopefully my schedule will allow me to keep up with it! Eventually, I'll post the PDF copies to my website. For now, go to the following link and right click on "piggie.pdf" and choose "open link in new window". That's it...just print and color!
Piggie Coloring Page

Back to School!

This is an illustration that I did as a potential cover but the magazine wanted something different. That's the way it goes sometimes! I'm using it as my entry for this weeks IF "alphabet" and PBWS "Back to School".