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The last day of an awesome year...

The holidays were wonderful! Christmas has flown by as it usually does. The decorations are put away, the tree is down, the outside greenery is stored...the house looks really bare but it's like having a clean slate to start the new year! ...and ooooooo....2008 holds so many promises!

I thought about doing a New Year's baby for the Picture Bookie theme "Dazzle" but instead choose something really different. It's a baby...and His presence really Dazzles and Inspires an entire world. I hope the New Year brings everyone a sparkle that inspires great works of all kinds.


HOME for the Holidays

Here's a sneak peek at my Christmas Card for 2007...

Christmas is here!

It's been very busy the past few weeks...but sooo much fun! I apologize for not posting so I decided to "gift wrap" everything into one post!

Thanksgiving was great when my daughter visited. We did alot of shopping, talking, coffee drinking, art chat, and we even did Black Friday shopping (including a trip out at midnight!). It was crazy-fun...well...maybe just crazy...but with her I had fun! My stepson also came for a few days and it was nice.

On December 1st, Danville had it's first night-time Christmas Parade. It's our second Christmas in Danville, VA and very special because we finally feel settled. I was one of 3 judges for marching units in the parade...they were amazing! The floats were spectacular and everyone had a wonderful time. My stepson was here with us and he enjoyed it, too. I can't remember ever seeing a small town parade so it was a first for me, too (and I had great seats!). I love small town living - everyone knows everyone else :)