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Updated Web Site :)

I updated my website but it's not in the program I wanted to use. I will be tweaking it more over the next few days.

"A Very Good Day!"


I Spy



On Friday night my daughter, her friend, my husband and I all went down to Greensboro, NC to see Chris Daughtry and his was absolutely AWESOME! I love to drive so one of the best parts was driving 800 miles round trip from Thursday to Saturday! The very best part was spending time with my daughter :)


I've been busy so I dug up some line art for this weeks Picture-Bookies Showcase theme "Trouble."

TOTAL-ly Awesome!

The word this week is cat, Josie and dog, Baylie, are having a TOTALLY AWESOME time sledding!




The word of the day was "taciturn" be habitually silent or not inclined to talk. Well, that's certainly not in MY personality! I decided to take a spin on last week's "flibbertigibbet"!

Web Page Updates

Does anyone else ever hit a "block" when it comes to their webpage design? It seems that everytime I go for something "simple" the entire process ends up a complicated, time consuming mess! I've been using MS Publisher 03 just to have something up while I work on the real thing in Golive. I want something clean and simple - point, click, pop-up, NEW JOB!!!!

I have motivation to finish it though...I will not do a Spring Promo mailing until it looks better!
If you have any advice please feel free to share! Meantime...keep checking my site as it is always welcome!


This is every 8 year old boy I know...even if they're 22 now!

A Quick Splash of Color!



I couldn't get into the word of the day (it just wasn't FUN) so I checked out the archives (they go back to 1999!) and chose one I could identify with: Flibbertigibbet! I sketched it out while waiting in the doc's office this afternoon.

New Challenge-Word of the Day Sketchbook

I found that participating in Illustration Friday again was like greasing up the squeaky wheels of my was a nice break from my regular work. It actually helped me to come up with a different idea for a job I was stuck on!

So I signed up for's "word of the day" email. Every day you'll get a new word delivered right to your own little mail box...and walah! A daily creative challenge... if you need to take one, of course! I'm going to try it, post the sketches, and see what happens!

If you can't get into the word of the day, visit their archives and find a word!

Illustration Friday

YAY! It's almost Spring!
Time to come out of hiding and dance in a beautiful day!
( it's not exactly HIDE...)

I haven't participated in Illustration Friday in a long time but I needed something to get my imagination dancing, turning...and out of work on the wheels book. The subject this week is HIDE...I changed it up just a bit...perfect!