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Sock Thief

Megan's other sock was missing...she looked everywhere...

Wrinkled - IF

While a wrinkled Mr. Williams explains the "big" one that got away, his trusty pooch, Sparky, shows a slightly different version of the story...

This is a snippet of a larger picture in progress.

Primitive - Illustration Friday

In this day of modern gimmicks and gadgets, Hank and Agnes hold on to their primitive values of how marriage should be!

Fail - Illustration Friday


Get a Kleenex and Read this Blog: Confessions of a CF Husband

This blog is about an amazing the "short version" first to understand what the blog is about and then find the time to read all of it. The blog is called Confessions of a CF Husband.

Tricia has Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Just before she was put on the double lung transplant list she and her husband, Nate, found out they were pregnant. Baby Gweneth was born 15 weeks early. Nate is a wonderful writer and his blog is about his two girls and their progress.

I try to read Nate's updates each day :)