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The last day of an awesome year...

The holidays were wonderful! Christmas has flown by as it usually does. The decorations are put away, the tree is down, the outside greenery is stored...the house looks really bare but it's like having a clean slate to start the new year! ...and ooooooo....2008 holds so many promises!

I thought about doing a New Year's baby for the Picture Bookie theme "Dazzle" but instead choose something really different. It's a baby...and His presence really Dazzles and Inspires an entire world. I hope the New Year brings everyone a sparkle that inspires great works of all kinds.


HOME for the Holidays

Here's a sneak peek at my Christmas Card for 2007...

Christmas is here!

It's been very busy the past few weeks...but sooo much fun! I apologize for not posting so I decided to "gift wrap" everything into one post!

Thanksgiving was great when my daughter visited. We did alot of shopping, talking, coffee drinking, art chat, and we even did Black Friday shopping (including a trip out at midnight!). It was crazy-fun...well...maybe just crazy...but with her I had fun! My stepson also came for a few days and it was nice.

On December 1st, Danville had it's first night-time Christmas Parade. It's our second Christmas in Danville, VA and very special because we finally feel settled. I was one of 3 judges for marching units in the parade...they were amazing! The floats were spectacular and everyone had a wonderful time. My stepson was here with us and he enjoyed it, too. I can't remember ever seeing a small town parade so it was a first for me, too (and I had great seats!). I love small town living - everyone knows everyone else :)

August Rush - A great movie!

My daughter visited last week on her Thanksgiving break from school. We had a great time of shopping, braving the Black Friday crowds, more shopping, Starbucks, we went dancing on my birthday...and then we saw the movie August Rush. It's an amazing movie! The soundtrack is awesome! Hide some kleenex in your sleeve...they're gonna be happy tears!

I hope everyone had a blessed and wonderful holiday! Now it's time to get back to work!

Good Morning Monday :)

Mondays are always great! Today, I'm excited! It's Monday!...less than one week until I go pick up my daughter for Thanksgiving break! yay! Sunday will be a LONG day of driving but worth it. I'll get to see my son for a few hours, too! yippie! They must think I'm nuts...they are 20 and 23. They won't know until they have kids of their own just how much you miss them - even as adults.

Since I don't have any little ones in the house anymore (except, of course, my dogs and cat) I decided to volunteer at the elementary school in my neighborhood. I'll be working 2 mornings a week with a sweet 1st grade boy in the Book Buddies program. I used to be a teachers assistant when my kids were little and I really miss it. Since illustrating full time has become my "real" job, I try to find ways to get out and be with people. I'm REALLY excited about helping at the school!

OH YEAH...I'm also excited because I did my first round of Christmas Sho…

Sitting Pretties by Claudine Hellmuth

I thank everyone for all the comments on my artwork. I always try to stop and visit each blog and learn something about the artists that post. Claudine Hellmuth is a crafter, illustrator and author - a great collage artist! She has a great presentation video on the Martha Stewart Show about her "Sitting Pretties". They are SO CUTE! Take a minute to watch her video and see her at work - it really is awesome! She has a book on creating collage art, too!

Scaling the High Notes!

She's singing some great, soulful, gospel music!

Book #5 - Fun with Amazing Animals!

Fun with Amazing Animals is book 5 of 6 that I illustrated for Highreach Learning this year.

Hats for IF!


website updated again :)

I updated my website with Tugeau2's information!

SKETCH-asaurus! A New Blog!

"SKETCH-asaurus!" is a new blog I created specifically for the artwork created by the kids in my life...daughter, nephews, stepson, friends...I wanted to give them a place to post their artwork for Illustration Friday and just showcase their work.

The first entry is my stepson's drawing for Illustration Friday "Halloween".

Curled up against the fall chill...

Lexi is 4 months old today and has been with us for a week...she's really an awesome dog! She is starting to eat like a hound!

Happy Halloween!

This was a quickie...inspired by Lexi who chews and tugs on everything!



GROW - Illustration Friday


studio dawgs...sleeping girls this morning!

My new studio crew....

First Night with Lexi

The first night was great! She slept in her crate next to my side of the bed and snored like her older hound sister, Baylie (our 9 year old beagle). I made the mistake of waking her up at 6 am to go out. She ended up in our bed and slept until 9...but this is the one and only time :) Today has been really good. I took some pics of Lexi and Baylie in the back yard. As you can see...hound bottoms are all that you can notice when they go sniffing for chipmunks in our azalea bushes!

NOTE: "Lexi" means "defender of men"...we thought it was funny since she is so shy :)

We have a new addtion :) LEXI

Lexi is a 15 week old beagle/black and tan hound mix. She was one of six puppies dropped off at the SPCA in August. All but 2 pups have been adopted. Her foster mom worked with her on crate training and she already knows "sit" and "paw". We're hoping our 9.5 year old beagle will try to welcome the new baby...we're hoping! So far, so good! They are both shy. Right now they are laying side by side chewing on rawhide toys.

Tugeau2 is now representing me! YAY!

Just wanted to share the great news...the team of Tugeau2 is now representing me! I'm soooo excited to be working with Nicole and Jeremy. Jeremy's mom, Chris, heads up the Tugeau Agency ( They are truly amazing...thank you for believing in my work :)

the dawn of womens lib...

This was an old sketch I decided to finish before diving into my "actual" work...



OPEN up and make snow angels!

This is a cover illustration for an upcoming issue of Hopscotch for Girls. OPEN up your arms and legs and make snow angels!

Web Site Updated...again :)

I've updated my website with images from "A Walk With My Senses". Please let me know if you have any trouble with my site.

Thanks so much!

A Walk with My Senses - BOOK 4

Book 4, "A Walk With My Senses" is available today from HighReach Learning. I'll be updating my website with the images later today! Of all 6 books, it's probably my favorite :)

Coloring Pages

I have a counter on my website to track how many visitors and which visitors come to my site. It also tracks what page is visited the most...I never would have guessed that my coloring pages would be so popular! So far I only have two but hope to add more next week.

It's such a surprise!

IF - Juggle

It's really silly but all I had time to do!

Picture Writing by Anatasia Suen

I'M SO EXCITED! I received my copy of Picture Writing last month and I have finally set the time aside to begin working in the book. It takes 18 weeks to go cover to cover. I will be finishing up week #1 tomorrow. I've been writing and drawing all my life but have always had a difficult time putting the two of them together. I've learned so much in just the first week...I believe there is hope! To anyone who has read Ms. Suen's book or taken her online will understand when I say that I am a hare who is trying to learn to be a tortoise!

Website Updated...

I've added coloring pages to my website :) I need to redo the header design to reflect a few changes, though.

My daughter...who is 20 - along with her friends...are into coloring Disney Princesses. I guess I'll have to put up a few Princesses of my own.

Coloring Page Wednesday

Coloring Page Wednesday is the Happy Gecko!



Upside Down


Something New! Coloring Page Wednesday!

I wanted to try something different--and hopefully my schedule will allow me to keep up with it! Eventually, I'll post the PDF copies to my website. For now, go to the following link and right click on "piggie.pdf" and choose "open link in new window". That's it...just print and color!
Piggie Coloring Page

Back to School!

This is an illustration that I did as a potential cover but the magazine wanted something different. That's the way it goes sometimes! I'm using it as my entry for this weeks IF "alphabet" and PBWS "Back to School".

Web Site Updated...

I spent a little time this morning updating my web site. Now back to work!

very sad news...

I just read online that Robert Mercer (of Robert's Snow) lost his fight with cancer this month. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

BOOK 3! Fun with Wheels!

Fun with Wheels! is book 3 of 6 that I illustrated for the toddler curriculm for HighReach Learning. I finally got my copies of all 3 books and I'm so pleased with how they turned out! I only got 3 copies of each and they aren't available for individual sale - yet. I know my family would like to have a copy :)

BLISS -- Ant Picnic...


I CAN! Bright Baby Kit

One of the 12 puppets that I designed for the Bright Baby Kits (HighReach Learning) is now online at their website. (I illustrated what the constructed puppets would look like and then they were actually assembled in China.) The first theme is "I CAN!" and features the Bright Baby Bunny (I called her Emily). Although it doesn't ship until December 2007, I finally get to see what some of the package looks like! So far I have only seen the first 2 puppets. The rest are being produced in China. I also did the package illustrations for each kit. It was an interesting year of learning new things and I was thankful to have a chance! My background in sewing was a help, too :) HRL has a talented Graphic Designer and she did a great job of putting everything together. I also got to work with AWESOME folks at Kid Design! When I have time I'll post some of the illustrations which show puppet construction.

Time Out with Forest Friends

Fun in the Forest
by Beverly A Warkulwiz
Illustrated by Deborah C Johnson
Published by HighReach Learning 2007

Fun in the Forest - Book 2!

Book #2 is available this month through HighReach Learning (curriculum only). This book is different because it was done in Illustrator. Visit my web site to view the interior pages.

This is the entire cover design (done in-house at HRL)

Luna Moon

This week's Illustration Friday is "MOON".

Virginia Beach with my Daughter...

I had a nice two day get-a-way last week with Kellie. It's a summer thing we do...go to the beach, watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee and walk the beach. And...we pose with the Pirate at Dough Boys Restaurant! This past weekend we moved some of her things to the house she's sharing with 3 friends at James Madison. My parents, her dad and brother were all there...they were all a great help! One more trip up on the 18th to take the things we've been holding in our basement since May and she'll be all moved in!

Hilarious Mischief


Discovery! Toes are so much fun!

From my first board book "Fun for Me!" by Highreach Learning. This is the illustration for the back cover.

Yes, Poop & Boogies...

My husband and I volunteered to help at the city swim team meet for my 8 year old stepson tomorrow. We've been able to do this twice before and I was a "runner" both times. I loved it! It's hard to screw up--and I do have a talent for messing up the simplest thing (GEEK!!)...Anyways, we are going to be a CLERK OF COURSE at the meet. So I was researching fun things to do while waiting in line with kids and came across the blog called "Poop and Boogies, Condensed". It's a riot! He's an awesome writer and it's worth checking out!

Which Peanuts Character are You?

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First Board Book...Fun for Me!

I'm so excited! It's finally OKAY to post photos of my first board book, Fun for Me! I haven't received my hardcopy yet but they tell me it's coming! Hopefully, it looks like the copy above.

Twisted & Geeky?

I've been really busy the past few weeks and have not had the time for IF. I've got a sketch for "geeky" but haven't finished it yet! So, this is a quick sketch I did while attending my stepson's swim team meet last night. My schedule is all "twisted" up for sure. Just an FYI, sitting too close to the butterfly stroke can get you soaked...

Toes in the Sand...

Leaving for the beach in the morning...soooo no posts next week. I'll be watching other artists for a change!

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by one of my favorite children's artists! Thank you Sherry Rogers for bringing me out of a busy week to play :)

Here are the rules:Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. I'm 5'-6 1/2" tall (or short if I stand next to Sherry or my 6' daughter, Kellie or 6'3" son Mike!)

2. I love the outdoors - especially running trails & cycling. Our small town of Danville, VA has a great mountain biking and paved trail system.

3. I love to drive - my 5 year old Tribute has 123K on it and still counting!

4. I am struggling with a jelly-bean addiction (do you know of any 12 step programs?)

5. I'm happily married to my first childhood kiss…

Crazy Hare (couldn't resist!)

Art Monday was ...Crazy Hairstyle...I pulled this old thing from the moth balls HARE... :) And's really OLD!