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August Rush - A great movie!

My daughter visited last week on her Thanksgiving break from school. We had a great time of shopping, braving the Black Friday crowds, more shopping, Starbucks, we went dancing on my birthday...and then we saw the movie August Rush. It's an amazing movie! The soundtrack is awesome! Hide some kleenex in your sleeve...they're gonna be happy tears!

I hope everyone had a blessed and wonderful holiday! Now it's time to get back to work!

Good Morning Monday :)

Mondays are always great! Today, I'm excited! It's Monday!...less than one week until I go pick up my daughter for Thanksgiving break! yay! Sunday will be a LONG day of driving but worth it. I'll get to see my son for a few hours, too! yippie! They must think I'm nuts...they are 20 and 23. They won't know until they have kids of their own just how much you miss them - even as adults.

Since I don't have any little ones in the house anymore (except, of course, my dogs and cat) I decided to volunteer at the elementary school in my neighborhood. I'll be working 2 mornings a week with a sweet 1st grade boy in the Book Buddies program. I used to be a teachers assistant when my kids were little and I really miss it. Since illustrating full time has become my "real" job, I try to find ways to get out and be with people. I'm REALLY excited about helping at the school!

OH YEAH...I'm also excited because I did my first round of Christmas Sho…

Sitting Pretties by Claudine Hellmuth

I thank everyone for all the comments on my artwork. I always try to stop and visit each blog and learn something about the artists that post. Claudine Hellmuth is a crafter, illustrator and author - a great collage artist! She has a great presentation video on the Martha Stewart Show about her "Sitting Pretties". They are SO CUTE! Take a minute to watch her video and see her at work - it really is awesome! She has a book on creating collage art, too!

Scaling the High Notes!

She's singing some great, soulful, gospel music!

Book #5 - Fun with Amazing Animals!

Fun with Amazing Animals is book 5 of 6 that I illustrated for Highreach Learning this year.

Hats for IF!