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website updated again :)

I updated my website with Tugeau2's information!

SKETCH-asaurus! A New Blog!

"SKETCH-asaurus!" is a new blog I created specifically for the artwork created by the kids in my life...daughter, nephews, stepson, friends...I wanted to give them a place to post their artwork for Illustration Friday and just showcase their work.

The first entry is my stepson's drawing for Illustration Friday "Halloween".

Curled up against the fall chill...

Lexi is 4 months old today and has been with us for a week...she's really an awesome dog! She is starting to eat like a hound!

Happy Halloween!

This was a quickie...inspired by Lexi who chews and tugs on everything!



GROW - Illustration Friday


studio dawgs...sleeping girls this morning!

My new studio crew....

First Night with Lexi

The first night was great! She slept in her crate next to my side of the bed and snored like her older hound sister, Baylie (our 9 year old beagle). I made the mistake of waking her up at 6 am to go out. She ended up in our bed and slept until 9...but this is the one and only time :) Today has been really good. I took some pics of Lexi and Baylie in the back yard. As you can see...hound bottoms are all that you can notice when they go sniffing for chipmunks in our azalea bushes!

NOTE: "Lexi" means "defender of men"...we thought it was funny since she is so shy :)

We have a new addtion :) LEXI

Lexi is a 15 week old beagle/black and tan hound mix. She was one of six puppies dropped off at the SPCA in August. All but 2 pups have been adopted. Her foster mom worked with her on crate training and she already knows "sit" and "paw". We're hoping our 9.5 year old beagle will try to welcome the new baby...we're hoping! So far, so good! They are both shy. Right now they are laying side by side chewing on rawhide toys.

Tugeau2 is now representing me! YAY!

Just wanted to share the great news...the team of Tugeau2 is now representing me! I'm soooo excited to be working with Nicole and Jeremy. Jeremy's mom, Chris, heads up the Tugeau Agency ( They are truly amazing...thank you for believing in my work :)

the dawn of womens lib...

This was an old sketch I decided to finish before diving into my "actual" work...



OPEN up and make snow angels!

This is a cover illustration for an upcoming issue of Hopscotch for Girls. OPEN up your arms and legs and make snow angels!

Web Site Updated...again :)

I've updated my website with images from "A Walk With My Senses". Please let me know if you have any trouble with my site.

Thanks so much!

A Walk with My Senses - BOOK 4

Book 4, "A Walk With My Senses" is available today from HighReach Learning. I'll be updating my website with the images later today! Of all 6 books, it's probably my favorite :)