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Little Miss Muffet LEAPED off her tuffet when Mr. Spider and his MULTIPLE legs came calling!

I had to work with something quick...IF theme this week is "Multiple" and PBWS is "Leap"...I think I pulled it off :)

This line art is done in Illustrator and it's also being painted in Photoshop - it's not ready yet!

I've Been Tagged!

My wonderful friend and brilliant artist, Sherry Rogers, has tagged me! I guess I'm supposed to spill 5 revealing pieces about me across the page of my blog. Not very splashy...but here goes!

1. My hands constantly do a "control z" motion when I'm HAND sketching and make a mistake.
2. I love my dogs and cat but am allergic to them so I vacuum and sweep alot! I have waged war on the dust bunnies in my house and they are still day I will learn the secret and publish a book on how to exterminate the varmints....
3. I don't like foofoo coffee but I go to Starbucks almost every afternoon and get a Venti-sized regular coffee with shots of sugar free vanilla. I always take my's my little afternoon getaway from the dogs until the weather gets warmer!
4. I love to crochet and just joined a knitting group that meets at Starbucks every Monday night...I am hoping they re-teach me to knit. These ladies are talented!
5. Small-town living (…

Winterjam Tour 2008

My daughter and I went to the Winterjam 2008 tour at the Greensboro Colesium on Saturday. It was so amazing to see 20,000 or so people move to God's music and words! There are no tickets - it's $10 at the door and you get to see amazing performances by Mandisa, Skillet, MercyMe, Barlow Girl and others. For them it's a mission/faith tour to spread the words of Christ to those who may not otherwise know Him. Music packs a powerful message.

If the tour comes to a city near you, it's a wonderful opportunity for a family and/or youth group trip.

IF Choose...

I'm not really happy with the final colors...maybe I'll rework it!

IF - Choose

This is my progress! I've been so busy, I don't have a choice but to be a bit late! The sketch came about as I was sitting in our local bakery/coffee house, Bronx Boy Bagels....all the CHOICES....I couldn't CHOOSE my favorite...they're ALL my favorite!!!

More to come...

For the Love of Fiber...Knitting! Crochet! Yay!

After a very busy weekend of deadline work...and when everything had been delivered...I took my sketchpad and headed to the local Starbucks for a little bit of peace, quiet, coffee...and sketching that's not on a deadline!

Tonight was special, though...a local group of people who love to knit have started gathering at Starbucks on Monday night at 6:00 PM. I don't really like to knit, but I love to crochet...and when Robin Hasty came over to say I looked like someone she knew...we started talking...and now I'm gonna be meeting with them next Monday night - only I'll show up with my crochet hook!

She shared her love of knitting - and her blog, For the Love of Fiber. I'm extremely excited! Maybe I'll pick up my knitting needles again!

If you get a chance, check it out. She has all kinds of information and beautiful work to share!

This is too cute :)

I found "Angus" at Paige Keiser's blog site...

adopt your own virtual pet!

Under a Blanket of Bubbles! IF #3

Okay...I'm stretching the theme waaaay out!

Blanket - 2nd addition

This is something I illustrated for the Bright Baby Bunny Kit (Highreach Learning 2006). I also got to design and/or draw the puppets for the kit. I learned that my sewing background came in handy and hope to get to design more puppets, toys or dolls in the future.

The Magic Blanket

When Stevie puts on his magic blanket cape the adventures begin!

A Little ZZ Top...

A personalized birthday card...