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Julie Zickefoose

Today, I am digging through some research photos online and came across the blog for Julie Zickefoose...She's a nature artist and writer and she does the most beautiful watercolors. Make the time to check out her blog and web site.

Pet Peeve---My Bowl is TOO SMALL!

Josie's PET PEEVE is that her bowl is too small for her chubby little face :)

Just a snippet...

Here is a snippet of something I did last week. I'm not sure if I can mention jobs/publishers,, it's just a snip! Had a lot of fun with them!

nothing compares...

God seeks to be a part of every nook and cranny in my life. And He is. Thank you God for seeing my heart and being such a presence. Your gifts are truly amazing and the love You have for all of us is nothing short of awesome :)

He Ain't Heavy...


Rock in Spring time!

I haven't finished my rock band...but here's what I have so far! I don't know about you, but I'm ready to rock ahead into SPRING...and SUMMER...and OUTSIDE! I'm glad winter is on the way out!

Garden Party Sisters


Leap for Spring!

Decided to add a little more to the earlier picture and do it for IF's theme "Leap".

Digital Water Color Practices....

One of my goals this year is to branch out and stretch the limits of Photoshop with watercolor effects. I need lots and lots and lots of practice! I did a quick digital pencil sketch this morning and practiced with a few different brushes. I didn't use any selection tools to paint...I really want a loosey-goosey feel (although this little guy isn't there yet...not loose enough!)

I LOVE watercolor paintings but could never grasp the traditional technique for myself. Paige Keiser makes it all seem effortless...she's a fantastic traditional painter. Digital painting makes it possible for me to change errors, try different effects, etc. and I absolutely love it! I'm hoping to be able to buy my Cintiq this year which will make the painting all the more fun and easy!

There are free watercolor brush sets available for Photoshop on the web (I need to put something like a few links here, don't I?!). This is where my expertise ends (for now) and new reading begins! Da…


The wonders of Spring! We have daffodils popping up and trees starting to bloom! This time of year is always so's waking up after a long winter's nap!

Updated Web Site & New Flier!

It's been a busy few days! I'm polishing up my first flier for Tugeau2 (gotta order this today!) and I updated my web site for Spring. Please let me know if you see any mistakes!