Web Page Updates

Does anyone else ever hit a "block" when it comes to their webpage design? It seems that everytime I go for something "simple" the entire process ends up a complicated, time consuming mess! I've been using MS Publisher 03 just to have something up while I work on the real thing in Golive. I want something clean and simple - point, click, pop-up, NEW JOB!!!!

I have motivation to finish it though...I will not do a Spring Promo mailing until it looks better!
If you have any advice please feel free to share! Meantime...keep checking my site as it morphs...feedback is always welcome!


Chickengirl said…
I was definitely indecisive regarding my website design, but after a while I just got rid of all the bells and whistles and just tried to let the work speak for itself. Not to mention- it saves alot of time when its simple! I guess my motivator was that I already had my promo postcards printed up and was itching to send them out. That did it for me!
Jackline said…
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