The Hiding Place

I've been trying new things in Photoshop this week..messing around with different brushes to get different effects. Watercolor has always been a huge challenge for me and I don't have much confidence with it. When not working digitally, I've always had a mixed media approach to my illustrations. I used to lay down a layer of colored ink or marker before going over it in color pencils. I have a new board book to illustrate so the week of experimenting has given me a few ideas on how I might approach the coloring of the book.

The Hiding Place was done (quickly!) using water color brushes and my new favorite...drippy water!
My goal is to try and find a way to lay down a color wash and go over it with a brush that looks like color pencil so it looks like my traditional work used to :)


mike r baker said…
Cute! Fun technique. I should do more brush exploration.

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