I CAN! Bright Baby Kit

One of the 12 puppets that I designed for the Bright Baby Kits (HighReach Learning) is now online at their website. (I illustrated what the constructed puppets would look like and then they were actually assembled in China.) The first theme is "I CAN!" and features the Bright Baby Bunny (I called her Emily). Although it doesn't ship until December 2007, I finally get to see what some of the package looks like! So far I have only seen the first 2 puppets. The rest are being produced in China. I also did the package illustrations for each kit. It was an interesting year of learning new things and I was thankful to have a chance! My background in sewing was a help, too :) HRL has a talented Graphic Designer and she did a great job of putting everything together. I also got to work with AWESOME folks at Kid Design! When I have time I'll post some of the illustrations which show puppet construction.


Sherry Rogers said…
Well I am coming out of hiding. . .I am so in need of people. My 3 deadlines are almost done. . .breath. . .breath. . .breath. . .

This is so adorable!! I just love it. Congrats big time!

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