Good Morning Monday :)

Mondays are always great! Today, I'm excited! It's Monday!...less than one week until I go pick up my daughter for Thanksgiving break! yay! Sunday will be a LONG day of driving but worth it. I'll get to see my son for a few hours, too! yippie! They must think I'm nuts...they are 20 and 23. They won't know until they have kids of their own just how much you miss them - even as adults.

Since I don't have any little ones in the house anymore (except, of course, my dogs and cat) I decided to volunteer at the elementary school in my neighborhood. I'll be working 2 mornings a week with a sweet 1st grade boy in the Book Buddies program. I used to be a teachers assistant when my kids were little and I really miss it. Since illustrating full time has become my "real" job, I try to find ways to get out and be with people. I'm REALLY excited about helping at the school!

OH YEAH...I'm also excited because I did my first round of Christmas Shopping this past weekend! I'm stoked...and broke!!!


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