For the Love of Fiber...Knitting! Crochet! Yay!

After a very busy weekend of deadline work...and when everything had been delivered...I took my sketchpad and headed to the local Starbucks for a little bit of peace, quiet, coffee...and sketching that's not on a deadline!

Tonight was special, though...a local group of people who love to knit have started gathering at Starbucks on Monday night at 6:00 PM. I don't really like to knit, but I love to crochet...and when Robin Hasty came over to say I looked like someone she knew...we started talking...and now I'm gonna be meeting with them next Monday night - only I'll show up with my crochet hook!

She shared her love of knitting - and her blog, For the Love of Fiber. I'm extremely excited! Maybe I'll pick up my knitting needles again!

If you get a chance, check it out. She has all kinds of information and beautiful work to share!


Robin said…
LOVE the blog! Your illustrations are just terrific! Very smile provoking! My favorite --- the little fellow in the bathtub of bubbles. It was great meeting you tonight and I look forward to having you join us next Monday at 6:00!

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