I've Been Tagged!

My wonderful friend and brilliant artist, Sherry Rogers, has tagged me! I guess I'm supposed to spill 5 revealing pieces about me across the page of my blog. Not very splashy...but here goes!

1. My hands constantly do a "control z" motion when I'm HAND sketching and make a mistake.
2. I love my dogs and cat but am allergic to them so I vacuum and sweep alot! I have waged war on the dust bunnies in my house and they are still winning...one day I will learn the secret and publish a book on how to exterminate the varmints....
3. I don't like foofoo coffee but I go to Starbucks almost every afternoon and get a Venti-sized regular coffee with shots of sugar free vanilla. I always take my sketchbook...it's my little afternoon getaway from the dogs until the weather gets warmer!
4. I love to crochet and just joined a knitting group that meets at Starbucks every Monday night...I am hoping they re-teach me to knit. These ladies are talented!
5. Small-town living (when you come from the city) can be a challenge for me. Some days it drives me up the wall...and then I have to go to our very small Starbucks and get a shot of something that reminds me of more populated areas!

Darn...when I look back at what I just wrote it looks like I spend most of my time away at Starbucks....

By the way...I truly believe God rocks...even in Danville, VA!



Anonymous said…
Loved all of this Deb!! Hey let's met at a Starbucks somewhere in them middle. . .maybe Colorado?

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