Winterjam Tour 2008

My daughter and I went to the Winterjam 2008 tour at the Greensboro Colesium on Saturday. It was so amazing to see 20,000 or so people move to God's music and words! There are no tickets - it's $10 at the door and you get to see amazing performances by Mandisa, Skillet, MercyMe, Barlow Girl and others. For them it's a mission/faith tour to spread the words of Christ to those who may not otherwise know Him. Music packs a powerful message.

If the tour comes to a city near you, it's a wonderful opportunity for a family and/or youth group trip.


Anonymous said…
I just love these kind of concerts!!

Hey you've been tagged.

I know a lot of people don't enjoy this kind of stuff. . .but I do. I think it gives a real incite into who we are. . .

A long time friend of mine Ruth McNally Barshaw tagged me and asked me.

Here are 5 random things about me:

1) I am an extremely neat person except in my studio where the rules of neatness always fail. When I work on art I just have lots of stuff laying everywhere.

2) Here is a hard one to admit. . .I am too sensitive sometimes, which I guess makes me a great friend since I can always sympathize with what my friends are feeling. . .you need a shoulder to lean on. . .I am here.

3) I love to watch American Idol

4) I dream about drawing

5) I have an addiction to reading blogs. . .

I am tagging: Ginger Nielson, Amy Merano, Joni Stringfeild, Debbie Johnson, Jennifer Tolman

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