SkaDaMo Day 12...Sock Monster

Are you missing a few socks?!


Jenn Bower said…
So very proud of you keeping up with these. I've done better with my PiBoIdMo ideas than my sketching. Go figure.
Deb Johnson said…
Thanks Julie and Jenn :)
I am finding the PB idea is harder than I thought, but when I do a sketch first, the PB ideas come easier.
sketched out said…
Hee hee hee, this wee character makes me giggle! I'm sort of the same way, Deb, the sketches help me come up with ideas for PiBoIdMo, more that the other way around. But it varies from day to day. Gotta love that creative process, eh!?
Joanne Roberts said…
Ooo, I hope you can turn this into a full picture book!

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