A year in review...and this message sticks...

I've tried - and then deleted all of my blog attempts that try to explain the experience of total freelancing the last year.  I had been stuck in every way possible for too long so I made a decision that would force me to move.  I didn't know where, or how, but I would move some place.  

It was a fabulous year of NOT accomplishing everything I had in my mind to do.  Looking back, it was a year of foundation building for the years ahead and what those years may bring.  Good and bad. Big and small. Sweet and the not so sweet.  I had to yank on the bootstraps I didn't know I owned to get to the other side.  It was hard.  I wanted to quit more than I dare to admit.  But, I learned to lean in and rely on God so much more that I ever had.  I learned to trust in areas that I normally wouldn't have. The last year left something deeper and more meaningful in my soul that only stepping out and away could bring.

Thank you to my hubby...the love of my life and patient soul that he is... for taking that financial hell journey with me, and the amazing support of my family and friends.  I would not be here - doing what I love more than anything - without you.  Happy New Year and I pray God's amazing grace and blessings on each and every one of you.


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