What is the appetite of your life?

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When I see that word I immediately think of food...and that a handful of jellybeans would solve my insatiable appetite for something sweet. But that's not what I'm talking about (even though jellybeans are a weakness). This "appetite" refers to your life. What do you CRAVE that leaves you EAGER to have more of? What do you have a HANKERING for that keeps you filled and indescribably happy?

It's certainly not what I've been loading up on lately, that's for darn sure.

Today I started following, along with my Pastor and the rest of our church, 21 days of prayer and fasting.  It's not 3 weeks of food starvation, although healthy fasting can certainly be part of it, if you choose.  This time is for us to give up something...whatever that something is... and spend more time getting to know God on a more personal level.  I don't know about you, but I'm more than ready to realign my scattered heart - and attention span - to a life that is more God centered.

So how do I do this? I'm sure it goes way beyond giving up sweets, so I had to hit my knees on this one.  KAPOW! When you give it up to God, he's going to do something about your "something", and you better be ready.  Most of the time His solution is to make you step waaaaay outside of your comfort zone.  And He did.


Okay...I need to make take a side road, but I promise it will connect later...

Jon Acuff is a fantastic writer.  I've read his books Quitter and Start and it made a lasting impact. In fact, I plan to read them again.  In December I signed up for his challenge called the 10 Day Do Over Challenge (Get it HERE).  You pick one thing you want to "do over" and spend the next 10 days doing it.  It's a jump start to better habits, etc. My Do Over is to reconnect with blogging and spend less time on social media.  I can't totally give up on Facebook and Twitter because it's attached to my illustration career, but I can be intentional about blogging and the topics I choose for the next 21 days.  

Back on the appetite road again...

Blogging every day about this 21 Day Field Trip Without Jellybeans...are you still with me?
I sure hope so because it might be nice to have a reader or two over the next few weeks.  In a way, this is like writing a kids book, but instead of writing for someone else, I will be stepping into my own story...the one that God has already written for me.  And he has one for you, too.

So what is the appetite of my life - on this day? I miss jellybeans already, but I have felt the unmistakeable shift of my insides tugging in another direction.  A better direction.

In the next few weeks I want to learn...no, I want to CRAVE this time I am learning to set aside - to reconnect with a passion and enthusiasm that only comes from keeping my heart and mind on a God who loves me more than life.  I want to have my insides filled up with only good things...and so much so that it's the only thing that will pour out of me and into the illustrations I create, the stories I write, and the world around me.

Thanks for reading...your comments and thoughts are always welcome!


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