Finding your voice in the chatter...

We all have it.  We all listen to it.  It doesn’t matter where we are in our career - beginner or famous - we have heard the negative chatter inside our own head.

I call my negative chatter, “Moe”.

I don’t want hear no Moe.  But as we all know, Moe is a persistent somebody.

Moe tells me things that aren’t true.  They are lies.  And if I’m not careful, I will engage the downward spiraling conversation.

If my work was really that good, I would have an agent by now.  A self-taught illustrator has no voice against an art school degree.  I have never illustrated a real picture book, so who am I to do this job?....

When I can’t stand to hear more of Moe...


I surround myself with others in this industry because you can’t do this journey without community.  It can be brutal.  As creatives we are not meant to be alone.  We need the support and encouragement from our colleagues and friends.  They understand because they are on a similar trek and have heard their own Moe.

We all need to hear, and be reminded, that we have a voice and something to offer. Always.

In community, we learn positive defense systems against Moe’s negative remarks.

We learn to cultivate patience in this life long process.

And yes, it’s hard, but you can do it.

Just don’t do it alone.

If you get nothing else, please remember this...

You have a voice.  Find your community of people. Join the SCBWI.

Have patience. Persevere.

And stuff a sock in your Moe.


thrace7724 said…
Deb, I really can relate to everything you have written here. I have that same voice in my head always. I have am a self taught artist and am trying to find my way in this business and you continue to be such an inspiration for me! Thank you!!

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