The Fun of Digital Painting...

When I started my illustration career, about 427 years ago, I worked traditionally.  I could tell the difference between hot and cold press bristol board and papers.  Canson Mi-Teintes was my favorite paper and, when paired with my Prismacolor Pencils, it was a marriage made in heaven for me!  I did lots and lots of pen and ink...3 complete sets of Rapidiograph pens bit the dust not to mention countless single pens.  Running out of india ink in the middle of an assignment was horrifying (many late night runs to Pearl's art supply!).

Usher in the 2000's and a switch to digital media 16 years on earth did I survive all those years on pencil and paper alone?!

There was no CMD Z to undo my boo-boos.
Texture actually came from real paper, not an overlay layer set to multiply.
Color studies were done separately and I could only hope the final art looked the same.  There was no eye dropper tool to keep the colors consistent.

My list could go on and on about the benefits of creating in a digital studio but I still make a point to connect with my traditional art.  I love the feel of a sketchbook and pencil.  My schedule is still a hand-written daily list and entries into a (egad!) dollar store calendar.  I guess I still cling to some of the tried and true habits from the stone age...

Enough of that!  Here is a video clip of painting a work in progress (WIP) in Photoshop and the final right side of a double page spread.  I use Creative Cloud and keep everything up to date.  One know, ONE DAY...I plan to learn some of the other software that my membership includes.

Most of my paint brushes are purchased from Kyle T. Webster.  They are fabulous!  (

Until next time....if you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me:
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Joan Y. Edwards said…
Dear Deb,
You are fun and I love your art creations.
Susan Miller said…
Really nice job, I was searching my brushes for that blending one, very lovely piece of art.

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