Always Carry a Sketch Book...the more the better!

Scattered...Work In Progress

I have a mini sketchbook in my purse, one in my car, another in my knitting bag, and still another in the bag I carry to work.  I even keep one by my bed (which is where the idea for Scattered was sketched).

 I keep all of my sketch books...tattered, old and dusty has a place, too.  I even keep the napkins I sketch on at a restaurant! Sometimes I peruse through a sketch book that was started over a decade, or more, ago and get inspired by a drawing I did but perhaps didn't like. It's also a great way to record how I have evolved as an illustrator, going from traditional to digital.  When I have days where I feel less than artistic, I pick up an old sketch book and prove to myself that I really can draw :)

The illustration above will hopefully be completed this week.  I'll post the progress!

This week I will also be posting a few sketches from a book I am working on.  I can't give any details but I can share a few snippets!


Stacy A. Gray said…
Cute Deb! I need more sketchbooks! I'm running low.
This is so cute. You have such a great way with perspective in your work. My favorite sketch medium is copy paper. Not very archival but I always seem to do my best work there.

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