Doodling the digital way

These smiling faces are waiting on me...
I get images and ideas in my head all the crazy times...but that doesn't mean everything that skips through my imagination is meant for an illustration.  Most ideas I want to get onto paper as quick as possible.  And since I carry a sketchbook, that part is easy.  The frustrating issue is when I can't put the image I see in my head on paper - the first time. 

When this happens I take my doodles to my digital paper.  I love doodling digitally because I can quickly add layers and move things around. I like what happens in this process because this is where the original idea takes shape.  Lately I have been trying to create "cleaner" doodles because I like to use the loose sketch in my final art.  Ah...the magic of Photoshop!  I love it.

For my digital pencil sketches, my favorite pencil is the Twitterific Pencil created by Kyle T. Webster.  This is the brush used on the sketch here. You can find this brush and an amazing selection of others at his website.

If you are on Facebook, check out the group DOODLE DAY

For even more reading and resources, hop on over to KIDLIT411.  It's a fantastic one-stop site for all things illustrator and author related.

I am illustrating my own short poem for the February issue of Snickerdoodlez.  Illustrating my own writing is still a stumbling block, but I've got my 2015 guidelines to get me through it...Pray First. Dream Big.

I PRAY FIRST and trust this project with inspire at least one person.  I DREAM BIG because our God is an awesome Father who wants to bless us in great ways!


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